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Our Vision

Property Relief Consultant’s vision is to help those that have been adversely affected by timeshare ownership. To help consumers counter the deceitful sales tactics used in the timeshare industry that are used to lock in unsuspecting vacationers into lifetime commitment that depreciates in some cases up to 100% after the initial purchase, leaving them stuck in ever increasing annual maintenance fees and outrageous special assessments.


Dan and Jenny Stapleton

With over 25 years of experience in the timeshare industry during which Dan was the Project Director of two major resorts in North America we have firsthand knowledge of the laws pertaining to the timeshare sales process.

We are well aware that laws put in place to protect the American consumer from timeshare developers are knowingly disregarded daily by unscrupulous sales people and it is our goal to help people that have been taken advantage of throughout the sales process.

A portion of timeshare owners were legitimately sold units that fit their needs and provide many great family vacations. Unfortunately far more timeshare owners were convinced to purchase based upon reasoning of investment, rental or resale that simply does not exist and would not just prefer to get out from under the legal burden of the contract but need help in achieving this goal. If you feel that may be you we can help regardless of your timeshare situation.

Keith Deal

Director of Operations
Western Division

As a retired sales executive with over 20 years of experience in the timeshare industry Keith can help you rid yourself of your timeshare obligations. Having worked for the largest timeshare developers in the US and Mexico Keith is an expert on the tactics the timeshare developers use from high pressure sales to the final sale contracts. Keith will use his knowledge to help you find the best solution to your timeshare problems.

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Lisa Allen

Director of Operations
Eastern Division

Lisa has dedicated the last 13 years of her life servicing timeshare owners. Her knowledge and attention to detail is unsurpassed, she will go above and beyond to make certain a client’s needs are met. Lisa has extensive knowledge of timeshare by-laws and consumer rights and she can be trusted to help you out of any financial position you may have exposed yourself to regarding your timeshare ownership.

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